Boston, MA  
    So I finally got a chance before the MRS Fall 2007 meeting to shoot some pictures around the Charles River in Boston.  
    I gave a talk in Symposium P: Diamond Electronics--Fundamentals to Applications II about Novel Approaches to Moderate Temperature Thermionic Emitters Based on Nitrogen - Doped Diamond Thin Film Stacks.  
    My second talk was in Symposium U: Thermoelectric Power Generation entitled Vacuum thermionic energy conversion with nitrogen - doped diamond emitter and collector thin film structures.  
    Around Copley Square  
      Boston Public Library   McKim Building       The Old South Church  
      Johnson Building (r)           Johnson Building (l)  
      John Hancock Tower              
      Around the Charles River  
      Sidestreet I   Sidestreet II          
              Nature's takeover   Urban revenge
              Fall Colors      
              Tempting Invitation      
          Pumpkin I   Pumpkin II      
          Architechtural Freedom          
      A sweet place to stay - The Westin  
      All the lights are shining So brightly everywhere G.i.n.g.e.r.b.r.e.a.d.   Moar...